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How To Structure A Website – The Conversation Method

How to structure a website: For the full version, please watch: General things to keep in mind when creating your new website: 1. Your website is not about you! It is not to show the world how awesome you are but to show your potential client how much value you can add to his life

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How to Write an Elevator Pitch

Don’t do it like this guy. Recently I was on LinkedIn and read the description in someone’s profile. If you’re wondering how to write an elevator pitch that’s spot on – don’t do it like him. What do you think about this description? It’s indeed a quite common description. You can read this kind of

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Small Business Advertising: How To Win Clients On A Budget

When I got self-employed in the beginning of 2015, I was dedicated to starting my small business as a Marketing Consultant for small service companies. I did have a lot of time on my hands and obviously quite a good marketing knowledge, but I didn‘t have a big network I could rely on for constantly

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What is Marketing Sparring?

The term “Sparring” has its origin in the boxing sport Sparring is the most important part of the training of every boxer. That‘s where he learns the real fighting. Sparring is more than hitting and defending. That‘s where he notices what works and what doesn’t. That’s where he can focus on issues he urgently needs

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