Bon vivant, open-minded and carefree; yet very ambitious, innovating and efficient


Service Marketing, Visual & emotional communication, Sales psychology


Analytical, conceptual, creative, solution oriented



Actually I began my career as a Media Designer. Means my knowledge is directly from the communication- sector and not just from some theoretical models you get taught by school.

At germany‘s leading agency for presentations I started working as a Designer before I discovered my passion for Marketing and Customer Consulting. From that point onwards I worked as (Jr.) Project Leader and (Jr.) Consultant in both fields: Projects with clients and also our own Marketing.

I was responsible for projects starting with small-businesses all the way to international blue-chip companies and european research organizations. From first sales-consultings to performing international workshops and leading the according project-teams I got the responsibility for highly challenging tasks already at a very young age.

Driven by success and the call of the great wide world I decided to leave the company after 4.5years to start my own location-independent business. My goal: Passing on my experiences and know-how to others while expanding my own horizon by traveling and exchanging knowledge with colleagues from all over the world.

  • Presentation
  • Consulting
  • Training


I started my self-employment as Marketing Consultant for Start-Up’s and small service companies. To figure out where I could use my expertise most effectively, I offered a wide range of services in the beginning. Thanks to my operational experiences from my former job I was able to develop Marketing Strategies, set up Google Adwords-Campaigns, create Websites or work as a Sparringspartner for more strategic topics.

After a little bit more than a year of doing active market research with riconic Marketing I was certain: The core problem of most of the small service companies is a poorly defined and blurry profile. If somebody is not able to say on the point what he‘s actually doing and what makes him unique compared to his competition, how would a potential client decide for his offer?

  • Coworking (Santiago)
    Coworking (Santiago)
  • Skype-Call (Sao Paulo)
    Skype-Call (Sao Paulo)
  • Conference (Atlantic Ocean)
    Conference (Atlantic Ocean)

Specialization as USPMaker

Most interestingly this discovery meets exactly the point that I learned to love during my travels: uniqueness!
On a first sight it might seem way easier to be part of the grey mainstream but real excitement and success only comes, once you try something different. To inspire people for uniqueness worldwide, that‘s what I‘m aiming for.


With USPMAKER I‘m doing a first step in this direction. From now on I focus solely on this challenge. As Personal USP Coach I support CEOs of small service companies to become unique and stand out of their competition! Further on completely location independent and with a very flexible collaboration-concept for my clients.

Do you need support and are interested in working with me?