Focused on small service companies


USP Creation

Why is a strong USP the key to success for your business? How can Marketing-Sparring help you with that and how could a collaboration look like? Get an impression of my work and decide if this would be interesting for you!

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Your Personal USP Coach

About Me

Rico Patzer

“Uniqueness wins!”

Get to know the guy you might be working with in future. You gain some insights about me and can check out my background that lead to working as Personal USP Coach.

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Premium Support for YOU



Your success is my success. That‘s why I guarantee you, you‘ll be happy with my service. You get Premium-Support and ensured quality by multiple measures.

To be able to do this, I only accept a very limited amount of projects at the same time.

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Stay tuned



I‘m traveling a lot, meeting colleagues from all over the world and working on projects. In this blog I‘m sharing experiences with you that I consider valuable for you and your business. Here and then I also publish new marketing-tutorials for free!

Sorry: Blog is only available in german at the moment.